Welcome to The Hoop House

The Hoop House is a basketball training gym located in El Cajon, Ca and is operated by Ryan Razooky, a world-renowned professional basketball skills trainer. The Hoop House offers several different platforms proven to elevate your game through private and group basketball training sessions.

All training is strategically based on real basketball situations and proven techniques. You will learn and develop understanding of the intellectual facets involved with every aspect of the game to truly maximize your training and increase your level of play!

Ryan Razooky's Hoop House | Basketball Training Gym in El Cajon, Ca

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1100 N Magnolia Ave UNIT J, El Cajon, CA 92020

Why The Hoop House?

Our goal at The Hoop House is to help you reach your goals. Our basketball training gym focuses on dribbling, passing, shooting, finishing, ambidexterity, decision making, and is based on real basketball situations.

Basketball has become a position-less sport, making it imperative for all players to be able to handle the ball under pressure, and get to their spots on the court to score and facilitate the offense.

Passing is often overlooked, and under taught. During training, players will learn angles, techniques, and how to utilize both hands to deliver precision passes right on time.

The ability to spread the floor and score from multiple levels gives players opportunities to play nearly anywhere in the world. Players will learn to perfect their form to shoot and make shots consistently.

Players will learn to think on their own and understand the game to make the correct read on both ends of the floor. Train to become aware of positioning, footwork, timing, and ball placement.

Ryan Razooky's Hoop House | Basketball Training Gym in El Cajon, Ca