Shooting Labs


$60 Monthly

Includes 2 Classes Per Week | $20 Walk-Ins

Shooting Lab Class Schedule

MON …… 07:10pm – 08:00pm
TUE …….. 07:10pm – 08:00pm
THU ……. 07:10pm – 08:00pm
FRI ……… 07:10pm – 08:00pm
SAT …….. 01:10pm – 02:00pm
SUN ……. 01:10pm – 02:00pm

NOTE: MUST RESERVE THE SAME 2 DAYS each week. Players may change reserved days long term, but NOT week by week.


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About Shooting Labs

In today’s game shooting is the most important skill in basketball. The Shooting Lab is an opportunity to use The Dr. Dish that 100% of NBA teams use. Get up 500-1000 shots each session to master your shot.

Our goal is to help you reach your goals. Shooting Labs are a non-instructional class where players get up hundreds of quality repetitions on their shot.

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